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End of year reflections and looking ahead

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

I typically am not much of one for sharing my private life publicly. I feel that more often than not it's best to keep business and personal life separate. However, more and more in this digital age the faces behind the brands share everything from what they're wearing to their private musings.

As the end of year approaches, I have been reflecting upon how far I have come since I started the business with one class to all the things I have accomplished to date. A published book written and illustrated by myself with accompanying music that I recorded, a theatre show that I wrote, produced and performed as part of Voila! European languages theatre festival, guest blog posts published, classes across South East London at different venues, contracts with nurseries, and my first teacher hired! Plus all the day to day tasks that come with running a business - lesson planning, marketing, graphic design, admin, finances...the list seems endless sometimes. In the grand scheme of things, all these things may just appear to be a drop in a bucket, but that drop creates ripples which reach further and lead to bigger things.

The things that I am most proud of are seeing the joy that I bring to children that I teach in class, hearing them speak their first French words, and inspiring and supporting families on their bilingual journey. When I hear that a family has been playing the songs and reading my book together and their child is now singing along and knows the words, I know that what I do makes a positive contribution to people's lives. When children in my nursery classes enthusiastically respond "ça va bien," I see that they are learning. When mothers who come to my classes tell me that I have inspired them to set up their own businesses, I realise that what I do has greater impact than what I ever initially imagined.

I am so grateful to all the families and nurseries who are aware of the importance of language learning and music in Early Years, who choose to spend quality time having fun with their children in classes with Les Petits Tigres. I am also grateful to all the people who have inspired me - my son, first and foremost, for whom I strive to provide with a life full of joy, quality time, abundance - and French, of course! - as well as to show him that we can create the life that we dream and just about anything is possible. I am privileged to have many strong, successful women in my life to inspire me - Béa at Cadet Rousselle école maternelle and Azi at Little Angels nursery, both powerhouses who have a vision that they manifest with love and authenticity; teacher Anne-Claire who has gone from customer to colleague, my second set of eyes and full of ideas; Fahima and Judith, two more powerful women who provide me with coaching, support, shifts in perspective and a kick up the ass when required.

Here's to the New Year, new classes, living each day with love & light, and making dreams come true.

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