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Christmas crafts & free French printable

It's the holiday season and many of us are stuck at home in lockdown! As you may have loads of time on your hands (or perhaps just loads of things to do while occupying your a little one at the same time), how about getting crafty and learning some French at the same time by incorporating French vocabulary! One of the best ways how to teach your child French is by using the language - and you can keep it simple within the context of a hands on, holiday themed craft activity. Download our free holiday PDF printable with some Christmas themed vocabulary to assist you and make a few crafts to put the words to use!

The Best Ideas for Kids has loads of cute and easy craft suggestions, and you can always adapt a project to the materials that you have on hand. Get crafty and have some fun in French at home and make un bonhomme de neige, un renne, or Père Noël!

I love the simplicity of the snowman cotton ball craft - a classic project that I recall making as a child, perfect for all ages. After the bonhomme de neige, you can also use the cotton balls in a Santa craft to make a fluffy white beard for Père Noël.

Handprint crafts make for another easy holiday project. Just trace your little one's hand and decorate as you like, perhaps Père Noël or un renne. Or check out the tutorial to make them into greeting cards to wish friends and family Joyeux Noël! It's a perfect project for lockdown - why not make a few and spread some holiday cheer.

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