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Learn French With Le caméléon méli-mélo

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Teach Your Child French Colours

teach your child French colours

Exploitation de l’album Le caméléon méli-mélo

Themes: colours, chameleon

The chameleon is a great way to teach your child French colours as it changes, so there’s lots of opportunity to talk about different colours. This classic story of The Mixed Up Chameleon/Le caméléon méli-mélo by Eric Carle may already be familiar to your children, which can help them work out and recognise meanings of the French words. This is another book with a message of being happy as you are and appreciating your own (and each others’) uniqueness.

I love a multidisciplinary approach which involves stories, music and activities as all of them are forms of play and provides the opportunity for learning through various mediums. Below are some ideas to get you started!

Other chameleon books

Here are a few examples of books in French that support the chameleon and colour theme.

Il fait comment le caméléon This is a funny, simple story for beginning French language learners and very little ones. There’s more emphasis on animal sounds than colours in this book, but you can easily incorporate them into the story.

Une histoire de caméléon I love most of the books by Leo Lionni and highly recommend his French children’s books. This one is a lovely tale of friendship and self-acceptance with a sweet ending. Plus, it's a great way to teach your child French colours.

teach your child French colours

Chameleon themed craft projects

These projects will give you the opportunity to create something together as well as use the colour vocabulary in French.

Chameleon paper plate craft This is a super cute craft for children however adult assistance is required! You can find all the instructions for this clever paper plate craft project at DLTK Crafts for Kids.

Chameleon colouring/painting Another craft based on the story Le caméléon méli-mélo. Primary Playground has a free downloadable chameleon template that you can print out and then use crayons, paint or collage to colour in!


I think it’s nice to listen to some music that corresponds to the theme while working on your crafts! It’s a good way to reinforce the learning. For older children, you could discuss the song and ask them to pick out words that they recognise.

Léon le caméléon - This chameleon and coloured themed song in French by Stéphane Husar makes perfect listening while you do your crafts. It’s available on the album Chante et Découvre le français which also includes instrumental versions of all the tracks so once you learn the words you can sing on your own!

Have fun learning and playing together! If you make any of the crafts or have suggestions for other activities, let us know in the comments below.

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