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Exploring the book Petit Poisson blanc

Updated: May 29, 2022

Learn French Sea Animals With Petit Poisson Blanc

Learn French Sea Animals

Exploitation de l’album Petit Poisson blanc

Themes: colours, sea animals

There’s a whole series of books featuring Petit Poisson blanc and I love them all! They are brightly coloured, well illustrated and with language simple enough for young learners to learn french sea animals and colours. Other books include Petit Poisson blanc est tout content, Petit Poisson blanc et les trésors de la mer and Petit Poisson blanc compte jusqu'à 11.

Selection of worksheets - Le Jardin d’Alysse offers a selection of different worksheets based around the book Petit Poisson Blanc. You can start with a colouring sheet to discuss the colours of the animals in the book. This can also be used to work on comprehension and see if your child remembers from the story, or use the book as reference. This worksheet provides the opportunity to work on basic maths (up to the number three) and colours - your child colours in the characters from the story that appear three times. In this one, your child identifies how many of each creature is in each box and adds or crosses out to make the quantity three. These image cards would be great for a game of memory and practise the vocabulary or alternatively you could also use them to practice the colours. Algorithms are a fun way to work with colours, and your little one can work on their cutting and pasting skills as well. This is a simple worksheet for younger ones (PS) as well as this worksheet that is more advanced (MS). There are also some printable games to play with a die as well as links to other French sites with activities based on the book.

Worksheets and games - Another very comprehensive collection of printable worksheets and games can be found at the site Le Journal d’une Maîtresse with more than ten activities! It includes image vocabulary cards, memory cards, dominos, puzzles and even play-doh mats. Take your pick or try them all.

Fish crafts - there are so many different fish crafts that you can make with your child! Over at Craft Play Learn you will find a roundup of over 20 different ideas to inspire you. Choose a few and get creative making some fishy friends!


In Les Petits Tigres French classes, Les Petits Poissons is always a popular song! It’s especially good because there are gestures for the fish as well as big and small. Join us in class or online to learn this and many more French songs!

The song Un poisson au fond d’un étang features a fish and a bird, and is another good one for gestures associated with these words. In our classes we like to put on the bubble machine for this one!

Another song featuring a fish and a bird is Tourne, tourne, petit moulin. It’s a fun action song to help your child learn vocabulary and verbs.

Do you know any other fun French songs about fish or the sea?

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