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Learning French With Ours brun, dis-moi

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Teach Your Child French Colours and Animals

Themes: colours, animals

There are so many excellent books that you can use to teach your child French colours and animals. One of my favourites that we looked at in Les Petits Tigres French classes for under fives is Eric Carle’s Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?/Ours brun, dis-moi... Children love this simple story, both in English and in French! The bold, brightly coloured animals in this book illustrate the colours very clearly and it’s also a great resource to teach your child French colours and animals..

Here’s a round up of some craft ideas and activities that you can use alongside the book to help teach your child the colours and animals in French. Have fun!

Brown Bear story wheel - I was inspired by the Spanish Playground to create this Brown Bear story wheel template in French! It’s a fun, interactive way to help children learn colours and animals in French which then can be used to play and retell the story. You can download the template and instructions here.

Paper plate Brown Bear - I love paper plate crafts! They are so versatile. This is a really cute one from Paper and Glue. You’ll find step by step instructions on their website. Feel free to adapt the project based on what materials you have at home. You could even extend this activity to learning French vocabulary for parts of the face - ears, eyes, mouth, nose. Alternatively you can use your paper plate to make this Brown Bear mask from JDaniel4’s Mom.

Brown Bear colour matching printable - This simple printable worksheet is free to download from Totschooling. You may not have a laminator or velcro dots so don’t worry about that. Go for it if you have them (I love my laminator!) however it’s also fine just to print on paper, cut out and use it like that. If your child is old enough, you may like to get them more involved and have them help cut out the animals.

Brown Bear printable worksheet set - From the French site Le journal d’une maîtresse you will find 16 different free printable activities! It includes keyword flashcards, memory game and puzzles to name a few.

Brown Bear resource pack - Here’s a whole pack of over 50 downloadable printables and activities in French based on the Brown Bear book! This is aimed at Early Years/Primary age pupils however it can be used for any age beginner French learners. It’s available for purchase at the bargain price of only $2 from the site Mieux Enseigner.

Have fun learning and playing together. Which activity was your child's favourite? Let us know in the comments below! Of course, the best way to teach your child French is to bring them to a class. Les Peitis Tigres preschool French classes are full of fun and singing and you can find out more about them here -

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