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How To Teach Your Child French

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

5. French Learning Apps For Your Child

French Learning Apps For Your Child

Depending on the age of your child and your views on screen time, you might like to include some fun French apps to add another dimension to learning French. They are a great way to focus on vocabulary or themes, with the advantage of native speaker audio for perfect pronunciation! I'd recommend playing the games with your child so you can share the experience and enjoy engaging in the activities together. Here are some great french learning apps for your child:

Gus on the Go is first on the list as it’s aimed at children learning French rather than an app for native speakers. They have two different language learning apps - not only are they available in French, but in other languages as well. I adore both of them, and when my son was younger he really enjoyed them. They are very intuitive and easy for children to use. I would recommend them for younger children ages 2-5 years old but they are also suitable for older children who are beginner French learners. The original Gus on the Go app features interactive lessons and games to learn vocabulary. Once your child has completed it, you can move on to Gus on the Go Stories app and continue learning and having fun in French! There are four different story packs featuring traditional tales. Vocabulary is introduced, followed by a comprehension check then a narrated story and a game where it all comes together.

Fun French by Studycat is divided into categories with over ten different themes such as colours, animals, clothes, plus a bonus game of the day. It’s pretty straightforward with several activities based on each theme and is simple enough for early French learners.

The popular character T’choupi also has a couple of French language apps - one for learning the letters and another which focuses on colours. Again, these are best for ages 2-5 years old or beginner French learners. My son also used these apps when he was very little and liked them a lot. We had T’choupi joue avec les lettres which features an illustrated alphabet with audio, Vignettes which are illustrated scenes where your child places the items in the correct location, Ecriture to practice writing the letter and Coloriage where you child can colour the letters.

Quelques briques is an interactive story app based on the book of the same title. The story doesn’t have audio narration so you’ll need to read it to your child and possibly instruct them on how to interact with it - most of it is intuitive but some parts of the story are slightly more complex. It’s available in both English and French so if you need to brush up on your French you can first try the app in English to get the sense of the story. My son used to love playing this app again and again!

Bayam is an impressive app from French children’s publishers Bayard Jeunesse, well known for the magazine Pomme d’Api aimed at children ages 3-7 years, amongst its many other publications. You first select your age group on the app, 3-6 years or 7-10 years. If you’re familiar with any of their publications you will recognise some of the characters, for example, Petit Ours Brun and SamSam. You can expect video stories with audio narration in native French, games and much more - plenty to explore and keep your child entertained, though I find the amount of choices can actually be slightly overwhelming.

I love French brand Nathan’s educational products, and their app Nathan Maternelle is no exception! Similarly to the Bayam app, you select the appropriate one based on age: 3-4 years, 4-5 years, or 5-6 years. I appreciate that the age range is more specific. There are four categories of activities - maths, reading, writing and games - featuring simple games and activities that are great for early learners.

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