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Gus on the Go app review

Looking to support your child's language learning at home after class? Check out my review of the French language Gus on the Go app for kids.

Gus on the Go was created by two parents who were looking to support their children's multilingualism. Gus on the Go has two apps available: the original Gus on the Go and Gus on the Go Stories. This review will focus on the original Gus on the Go app. The app is available in nearly 30 different languages for both Android and Apple at Google Play and the App Store. It contains zero ads or in app purchases.

The best thing about the Gus on the Go app is that it's genuinely fun. It features cute graphics and animations with engaging exercises and fun games that build upon each other for a clear progression, native speakers and no annoying sound effects.

It follows a familiar video game format where you complete a level and earn a trophy in order to progress to the next level. Each lesson has a vocabulary component where you learn the words followed an interactive game which reviews what has just been presented.

Recommended for ages 2 - 5, the interactive visual, auditory and kinaesthetic lessons teach basic vocabulary including numbers, colours, animals, clothing, transport and cater for all learning styles. I would say that unless your child already has a basic knowledge of French, it's a bit more suitable for 3.5 - 5 years.

Gus on the Go makes learning engaging and fun. My bilingual four year old already knew the basic vocabulary but still had a great time completing the levels and earning trophies, going back to revisit certain favourite games again and again! It was very intuitive and he seemed to know exactly what to to do.

The Gus on the Go app is a fun and easy way to incorporate language learning into your child's life. I think it's particularly important to include a variety of formats to support language learning - for example, books, songs, videos, games and apps. This one ticks all the boxes and is definitely recommended!


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