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Half Term Break & Halloween!

This week is half-term break (25 - 30 October) so our French classes for babies, toddlers and preschoolers are not running. But you can still have fun with your little one at home - check out these great ideas how to teach your child French!

You can grab our cute French Halloween vocabulary printable here. This is the perfect accompaniment to teach your child French at home, as a home school resource or even as a cute display in the classroom to teach French to preschoolers. Say the words and point to the images for an easy way to practise and learn together. For older ones, you can make a little game of asking questions in French: Où est... - where is... or Qu'est-ce que c'est - what's that?

It's important to use the vocabulary in context and learning is more powerful when it occurs through meaningful activities, so I totally love to incorporate arts & crafts in with French language learning for kids!

Le fantôme is perfect for gluing cotton balls on and creating your own decorations for Halloween. This is an easy, simple project from Thriving Home. Download and print the template provided or draw your own.

Arts and crafts projects are also a great way to introduce some verbs in French - for example, cut, paste, draw and colour. Here's a handy page to print with illustrated instructions in French from Fiche Maternelle. You may want to cut out the cards and use them to explain the project and refer back to while you're crafting.

Happy crafting and Joyeuse fête d'Halloween !

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